Game-based learning is an engaging and effective way to teach students, and it can go here especially useful for teaching students how to manage money because it empowers them money management games for adults learn from their own decisions.

Here are 10 free, popular games for high school students to learn how to navigate their finances. Payback popular real money gambling games near san francisco ca Payback nudges students to think about how to succeed in college without taking on excessive student debt. Spent : Spent challenges players to survive the struggle of low-income living. Developed by McKinney to raise money for Urban Ministries of Durham, the game has become a hit in financial literacy classrooms.

Wowwee lucky fortune magic series Football : These two fast-paced, sports-themed, interactive games engage students in quiz bowl—style click to see more to advance players up the field. Both Visa-created games have been recently updated with new questions and graphics and include various levels of difficulty and money management games for adults lengths to make it easier for teachers to differentiate in the classroom.

Players can play against the computer or each other. Players take on the role of a loan shark. The more the customers pay in interest and fees, the higher the score for the game player. Julius Prezelski, a teacher at Mount St. Game players can compete against the computer or against one another.

Money Magic : Money Magic is designed to teach basic budgeting principles. The main character, Enzo, represents the human tendency to value short-term gratification. The game continue reading students to balance immediate wants with long-term plans.

The Payoff : In this money management games for adults, students play the role of a video blogger preparing for a life-changing competition while managing money and unexpected events. The game interface simulates a mobile phone where players can check their bank or open faux websites. The immersive, experiential game requires the user to help their character make smart financial decisions.

Hit the Road: A Financial Adventure : This interactive game teaches young people the importance of saving and spending wisely. Students go on a virtual road trip online roulette the country learning how to manage their money wisely. They learn the value of creating a budget, responsible spending, and debt management.

I use the game in my special education class because it has straightforward instructions. The Uber Game ; In this game, students play the role of a full-time Uber driver—with two kids—who is trying to pay the mortgage. The interactive game, created by the Financial Timeschallenges students to face life circumstances of those in the gig economy. Just drive a car and earn money in the gig economy!

Wait until you try to make the mortgage payment driving an Uber car for a week. Just not as easy as you think! Credit Clash : Credit Clash is a fun and way to learn about credit scores.

Brett Shifrin of the Gould Academy in Maine observed his students learning that when their credit score increased, their future loan payment amounts were reduced because they got loans at lower interest rates.