Lucky Day App represents a sweepstakes app for mobile devices, which allows customers to play lots of game variations such as lotto games, scratch games as well as slots with an incredible possibility to win real-cash prizes. In this review, we will take a look at what this app looks like and whether it really gives you all chances to win big. Overall, we do not perceive this app as a scam, but we are pretty sure that it would be hard to use it for the purpose of gaining real-money rewards, let alone making Lucky Day App your only source of income.

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This is real a mobile sweepstakes application which enables consumers to legally play lotto games, virtual scratch off tickets and slots with the potential to win real money. Been playing for 2 months. The only thing growing is the token winnings that you can supposedly cash in for gift cards and such. Looking like just another waste of time app. Huge scam. I had to pay a fee and they wanted the money but i said take it out of the taxes and check this out left me an inappropriate gamemania bonus. Easy to play and just takes 5 minutes of my day.

I love Lucky Day. Gamemania bonus was winning cash prizes at least once per week. I have not more info anything playing daily in months and the ads are more frequent also.

I play daily. Ive been playing about 8 months. I have more luck cashing in my points. I love this app and it does pay off. This is fun but watching the same videos all the time is very annoying. I have already cashed in some of my tokens to get a five dollar gift card to guitar center for my husband. I did send my code to a few friends for them to gamemania bonus the app but it said that it was no longer available in United States anymore.

That is a huge disappointment as I was hoping my husband could get in on the fun. All in all at least I can get a little extra something for nothing. Never received a thing! HiI yave been how do you play zoom game at the casino lucky app since the summer of When I first downloaded this app. My outlook on Lucky Day app has changed check this out the following reasons?

Lucky Day apps makers created this game and told all over their users people win cash daily really? The makers of lucky day are making a hyge profit off Lucky Day but are Not really paying out any cash.

I have been stuck on 8. I ask why because I am starting to see and I have heard that nobody so far has reached the how do you play zoom game at the casino dollar Mark to cash out. Well thank you for allowing me to comment. I decided along with my friends we are giving your app Lucky Day app a little bit longer and if it former pay out your welcome to take my 8.

I think your app is doing phenominal on Google but I think you should at least treat your Loyal customers fairly. Again thanks for allowing me to comment. I agree with Other players. I gamemania bonus so many ads on this app that it should pay out.

Might be deleting this app. I have been playing for over 6 months and it started slow after 3 months i had 8. Was quick to hit 8. After that it came to a stop. Just need an honest answer. Has anyone cashed out over Works it for Belgium?

Today I saw and I am playing but I doubt a lot. What now? I play just for the DD GC. I play religiously 3 times a day. I wonder what the odds are for one winner. Looks like a lot of people have millions of tokens just to be on the list of having the most tokens and winning It would be informative to get an idea of the odds in the raffles.

Why cant we redem our tokens get the mil etc and now ot wont let me get the gift card, scam???? Your black jack game should be replaced and you all should be view web page for this aspect of the game. Give people at least a fair gambling chance instead of programming is the app lucky slots legit dealer to get 20 or 21 every other hand.

Terrible way to treat honest people playing your app. Your compy is getting paidmaybe you should fix the ratio. I need to update the phone number listed on is the app lucky slots legit lucky winner application that is available on Goggle Play Store. If you could please do that for me that would be greatly appreciated… Sincerely, Rickey. Now I have over 40 million in tokens saved up but scared to use them up and not get anything and all for nothing.

I had over 2 million tokens, I put half on the 5 thousand dollar raffle, and the other half on the dollar raffle. However, it satisfies my scratch off craving, seriously, and I have cashed in points for 2 gift how do you play zoom game at the casino. I have more time than money due to illness, deposit 10 get bonus this lets me play and get something I need via gift cards.

Win in my book. I read one review where she said she had won an Amazon gift card and 10 grand will then you must have downloaded the wrong app because Lucky Day would never do that to you you must have downloaded something that was cloned.

So it takes a little time but worth it. Not a damn thing and been playing almost 2 years. But will keep trying, temporarily that is. I do win tokens with every game I scratch. I was more info that this might be a scam but recently I talked with a friend of mine, gamemania bonus got discouraged and she had redeemed her tokens for gift cards.

I asked if she received the cards and her answer was yes. The were issued in an email and all she had to do was show the email to redeem the prize. She too has over 25M in tokens. There are a lot of mixed reviews about this app.

One thing is for sure, the lottery is real. The numbers drawn are the same numbers every one gets. Now hitting all how do you play zoom game at the casino is possible but the question remains, will Lucky Day pay out. What a joke. Completely computer generated and a waste of time. Been playing almost a year and im just click for source to 9. For the last 5 months. Look I only need 25 cents to cash out my Only a game to gain points for gift certificates.

But I like the excitement of the fun sounds and the scratch off games. Completely a scam. Since then months ago. Just keep playing….

It will be your lucky day some day. I think this game is great to play and win little by little. Of Course this is legit. I know a few people that have cashed is the app lucky slots legit and recieved their gift cards through email. You no deposit bonus 2022 australia on here trolling go do that somewhere else actually go in the mirror and do it to your self because we really dont need people like you around so do us all a favor and disappear if u know what I mean.

Lll hahaha for real stop lying just to make yourself feel better cuz no one likes u anyway including your mom lol no joke though for real she hates just ask her.