Are you ready? Are you ready to win a thousand-dollar slot machine jackpot? Are you sure? One of my biggest issues with slot machine casino gambling has been the surprises, like winning an unexpectedly large jackpot. So far, this is my largest jackpot won playing slot machines. I won it early on Saturday, December 21,at a. I was checking to see if I could cycle my bankroll on this slot machine as well as testing to see if it was a winning slot machine.

Get My Free Is crown towers or metropol better Revealing…. I remember the moment clearly. It was very early in the morning. As the floor manager and slot attendant walked away after the hand pay, they began walking by me. I looked down, saw the 2,credit hit, looked up at the floor manager looking at me, and swore.

That was embarrassing. But, at that moment, I felt the need to do so. I swore right while looking the floor manager in the eye. He kept walking, now with a frown. I called out to him, to explain. Sorry about that! A really big jackpot! They came back. Right about then, 30 seconds after the slot machine hit, I basically went into shock. I remember telling the floor manager how unreal and dreamlike it felt. I even asked the slot attendant to pinch me.

She did. And, after the hand pay, I had trouble deciding what to do next. Should I just go on with my day? Should I stick to the plan I had had what happens if you win millions at a casino mind?

Or, was my plan of gambling all day ruined? Can you imagine how I was feeling? I know some of you can indeed imagine it. I know because some of you have won even bigger jackpots while playing slots. Are you ready to win a big jackpot the next time you play a slot machine? To be ready, think it through in advance. Make yourself a plan. Just ask yourself these simple questions.

After you get the hand pay, will you stay? Or will you go? I care that you have a is crown towers or metropol better. Will you leave the casino or more casino promo codes 2020 congratulate you make a night of it?

And you have your I. Next up is the hand pay and more decisions. You win a jackpot. The machine locks up. A slot attendant comes. You do paperwork. Someone else shows up to verify the jackpot. But, there are some slight changes to this process when winning big jackpots. Tip 2 : This is your chance to meet a floor manager. Get to know what happens if you win millions at a casino. Make friends, if you can. Ask go to web page. Be nice.

Thank me later. You do have another choice to make, however. Either way, for a large jackpot where you ask for cash, you can expect banded stacks sometimes called bricks of hundred-dollar bills. Professionally, I advise you to take most or all the jackpot as a check. That is if your plan includes requesting some or all your taxable jackpot in cash. Remember, preparation is key. The CTR is a reporting requirement for U.

Treasury Department. In part, it monitors and analyzes financial transactions for illegal transactions. This includes financial crimes related to money laundering and corruption. My lack of concern here hinges on understanding that big jackpots generate a W-2G tax form when won at a casino. Treasury to confirm the source sugarhouse casino free money that much cash.

Nevertheless, I thought you should know about the CTR. There is another aspect to accepting a lot of cash you should probably be aware of. Under those circumstances, how much cash can you carry without it being in your hand or sticking out somewhere for anyone to notice? What do you do with it?

Do you ask the casino to provide a brown paper bag, perhaps? Once again, make sure you have a plan in case you win. One final note about getting home. Feel free to ask the casino for security to walk you to your car. Unlike me, try to remember where you parked your car. Do you know that look? Anyway, what happens if you win millions at a casino looked both nervous and like they wanted to go.

They just nodded to themselves and started hitting the cash-out ticket button. This is where I walked right into trouble. I was just trying to be helpful. I imagine you know what happened next. As they became more and more upset at me, I tried to disengage from the conversation. Luckily for me, the slot attendant arrived right about then to save me.

Slot attendants are great. I always remember how upset this taxable jackpot winner was whenever I work with a slot attendant. It is what I remember whenever I tip my slot attendant after winning my own taxable jackpots.

But, I do appreciate the sentiment. I really do. Sometime later, I may what happens if you win millions at a casino about the more practical aspects of casino gambling and disconnects with general requirements from the IRS. In brief, the IRS says all gambling income is taxable and state gaming regulations usually say using an electronic device during gaming is a felony.

A practical compromise would be to record how much bankroll you walk into a casino with is crown towers or metropol better how much winnings you walk out with, including the free market value of any gifts. At least, doing this is possible. If you choose to accept a taxable jackpot, then you will receive a W-2G. For them, any gambling income from their free two up chip 2022 casino visits to U.

Apparently, as usual with income taxes, what to do is very individualized. You can always choose not to accept a taxable jackpot. You can choose to walk away. If you keep good gambling records, it usually works out well to choose to not pay federal taxes.

Because the danger of not keeping gambling records is having to pay income taxes when they could have avoided them. What if you win big? What if you win so big that everything changes?